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Goodyear Tyres Retro Oil Bottle Cap

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Vintage Goodyear Tyres Retro Wall Sign

Fantastic for themed bars, garages and man caves, this formed ABS plastic sign has had a high quality digital vinyl print expertly adhered to the top using the finest quality inks and cutting tools available. 

The Vinyl is 5 year exterior vinyl so can be hung indoors or outdoors without worry. The inks are light fast for up to 7 years, So will be bold and vibrant wherever it may be hung

The vinyl will be heat set for 24 hours before sending so that it is ready to hang straight out of the box. All orders are custom printed. 

The wall sign is glossy, rich blue and is 14" wide, a great size for any wall. It has a hanging ring attached to the back of the sign for convenient, easy placement.

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